Happy Birthday to Me!

Quick Shot

Happy Birthday to me!  My birthday was this past Saturday, November 12, and yes, it would have been AWESOME, if I could have posted on my birthday, but, I was too busy celebrating. I woke up and my bestie and one of my girlfriend’s took me to brunch at Breadwinners Cafe in Uptown. Super delicious. I hadn’t been there before for brunch, so I was looking forward to it. I was somewhat overwhelmed with the menu because there were so many things to choose from. We sat on the patio which was perfect for people watching since a little bit of everyone walks by and always brings entertainment.

My girls both bought me gifts and I was totally not expecting that. My girl got me this gold sequins skirt with a gold bracelet from H&M that I happened to talk to her about earlier in the week. I kept telling her how in love with the skirt I was since it reminded me of the sequins skirt Samantha had on in Sex in the City! I figured, if she can rock it, why cant I? Talk about an attentive friend! I love her!

The bestie hooked me all the way up. She knows I am a complete nut for musicals so she got The Wiz on dvd! Not to mention, it came with a cd of all the songs in musical! Yes I am a such a nerd! (not to mention I found my tap shoes from long ago and I have already told all my friends a tribute performance is coming and the Wiz soundtracks will be featured!)

I really wasn’t trying to make a big deal out of my birthday this year so I really only wanted to spend it with a few people. Last night, we had dinner at Saint Ann’s and it was fabulous. I had the big steak tuna salad and it was great. I rave about Saint Ann’s because I feel like their portions are literally one serving as opposed to other places that give you these massive portions that force you to over eat in the end. (Can you tell I’m on a diet?)  It was 7 of us total and I am absolutely sick that we did not take a picture! Either way, it was my closest girlfriends and my cousins and I could not have asked for anything more. I wanted to go to the strip club or some kind of bar after dinner, as I just wanted to keep a drink in my hand at all time; however, that is not what happened. 3 1/2 drinks and I was done! Like, it was a wrap! I called it a night. I couldn’t have asked for anything more! Saint Ann’s has great drinks!

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  1. Happy birthday! May you always have that beautiful smile!

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