Lunch with the Ex

Most recently I went to lunch with an ex as he was taking me out for my birthday. Amazingly, I feel pretty good about the entire thing. We hadn’t seen each other in years, so I was not too sure how the whole thing was going to go, i.e. awkward, reminiscent of old times, etc. We definitely reminisced, but it was in a good way. We caught up and he told me about how everything was finally unwinding in his life.

We dated from high school through the middle of college and basically broke up because I just was not even remotely close to being ready for the type of relationship that he wanted. We always lived in the same city but never connected due to our schedules.

He’s newly engaged and as he’s telling me about his fiance’, I couldn’t help but chuckle on the inside. She’s a cute girl, but, it so made me happy on the inside to know that I am not only prettier than her, but that Im smaller than her too! Of course I kept my opinions to myself, but hey, I can have a sense of pride and the thoughts of “damn I was the best you ever had” in my own personal thoughts right?

He’s describing her to me and she seems like a sweet girl but super insecure and a weeee bit jealous. Granted, he did create this monster as he did cheat on her and then on a “break” he got his ex pregnant. I completely understand her reasonings as to why she does the things that she does (i.e. go through his belongings, tell him he can’t go certain places without her because she doesn’t trust “other women.” Meanwhile, he fills me on a “false truth” he used me describing how he went to lunch with another women but when the fiance’ asked was it with me, it was somewhat of “ok” and he lied and went with that.  After the confession to me of the “false truth,” I asked when I could meet her so that he would not get in trouble in the future. Ha! He informs me that  she wouldn’t be comfortable with me because I am pretty so it would be a while before we met.

After I heard all of this, I , of course, kept my opinions to myself, but wondered, is this what he really wants? She says that she doesn’t trust other women but it sounds like she doesn’t trust him from the things in the past that he’s done to her.  (not to mention, I, yet again, giggled and got all warm and fuzzy on the inside when he told me I was pretty) Am I the only one that thinks this is some funny business?

I know one thing! I’ll never give me opinion to him. Plus, we’ve been done, and it made me feel super good on the inside that I had lingering feelings from the past. Now the conversation we had before he proposed and some of his lingering questions…. I’ll save that for another post!


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