The One That Got Away

My first “real” boyfriend was in high school. We met my freshman year through one of my cousins and right from the jump I could not stand him at all! It was awful. We argued about everything! Im pretty sure that’s exactly why I like him so much. He was completely different from any boy at my school and it was just a different experience to be with. Being that I was so young, I wasn’t really comfortable with bringing him home, not that mother was encouraging me to date, but more so that my father made it somewhat clear that he did not want me to date anyone ever in life. That certainly made the situation difficult to nonexistent.

During high school, we broke up and got back together quite often, however, it just wasn’t working, but we managed to stay in touch. When choosing colleges, he of course wanted me to join him in Houston at Texas Southern University, but I was not happy with that choice, especially since we were not getting along. During college our relationship got better and we got back together. I will say that he definitely changed my perspective on men. He spoiled me rotten. He always tried to give me the world. Yes, he was way more mature than me, but it still worked for so long. I think what prolonged the relationship even more was when he really stood by me when my mother died as I was going in an out of depression. In the end, I just wasn’t ready for the type of relationship that he wanted and I just wasn’t ready to grow up. So we stayed in touch, and talked off and on for years but never got back together.

Currently, he is engaged, and seems to be quite happy, but I will always always always have a special place in my heart for him, just because we had so many memorable moments. Talk about setting the bar. My first, and only love thus far… Maybe this is reason, ha!! one of the reasons, Im so hard on guys and just maybe it’s one of the reasons that I am half crazy. ROFL!


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