Work it out!

After all the food I ate I definitely have to tell myself this: Remember how it first felt when you started losing weight? When the number on the scale got smaller and smaller, when your clothes got bigger and bigger, when your confidence level went higher and higher. Don’t let that feeling get taken away … Continue reading

Merry Day After Christmas!!

Christmas was wonderful as it always is with my family. I think we were all together from 9am at church all the way until AT LEAST 8pm that evening. Needless to say, I was sick of my family by that night! I love them all but it was just time to escape and see my … Continue reading

Is there such a thing as a “bad” gift?

The answer is yes. Yes there is such a thing as a bad gift! This was made official as I found this out last night when I received a phone call from one of the besties. Her and and her boo exchanged Christmas gifts last night. She put much thought into his gift as she … Continue reading

What Am I Drinking this Holiday Season?

Since I’m still on my weight loss journey  (and doing well, thanks!) I am trying to still do right and not go over the edge and not binge on food or alcohol this holiday season, I was in search of a great cocktail. I have seen it publicized often but did not indulge until Thanksgiving. … Continue reading

Is there Protocol for that?

Being single a while, I think I deserve an award for being able to consistently choose the wrong kind of guy. There is no pattern or trend in the type of guy that I date, as they are all different, however, Im just super great at picking the wrong one. I wish there was  a … Continue reading