In an attempt to move on from the relationship that I did not get to have with this man, I have decided  to whine and bitch about why things don’t get to go my way until Sunday and then I’m not going to whine and cry about the situation any longer. Yes, it blows hard that I get bitch slapped into the “friendzone”  while I’m in love with him but, oh well. I can’t be a big ass baby about it forever just because I can’t have my way.

The story of my freaking life.

Every single rule that could be broken, Im pretty sure I broke it with him. I’m just saying…Stay tuned on how this pans out. IDK if this new woman is moving here to be with him, or if he’s moving there, or if they’re just going to “bone”  while she visits or what. I  don’t think I really want to know any aspects of the relationship anyway. Being that I’m the one that usually bitch slaps the guys into the “friendzone”, It damn sure doesn’t feel good on the other end. Just when I think Im leaving the complete single girl life and at least entering the relationship arena… WRONG.

Well.. these stories should get a lot more interesting from here…



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