Say it and get it over with

Although the chat yesterday was not even remotely close to being an easy one, I will say I am glad that it’s over. Tears, tears, and more tears but I got out everything that I wanted to say. No, I still do not get my way in the lest but he is completely aware of how I feel. That’s all I can ask for. I said it and got it over with.

If I’ve learned anything from this entire experience, it would definitely be, when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. Not that I’m completely over the situation, but I will say that every single day is a better day. I refuse to be second best and I gather, that I should at least be thankful that this guy did not try to juggle me and the other  “woman”.

I’m really trying to force myself to see everything as is, without those “rose colored” glasses that I was seeing out of before. Clearly, if he felt that I was what he wanted, he wouldn’t feel the need to seek elsewhere.. especially out of state for that matter. Seriously… I wasn’t good enough so you went for her? Cool. Go for it…. no sense in leading me on and “Wasting time” with me.

So, today, even though it still doesn’t feel so good, we (and when I saw “we” I am referencing myself) are moving forward and moving past this. There are better things out there for me.

God’s definitely redirecting me.


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