Is there Protocol for that?

Being single a while, I think I deserve an award for being able to consistently choose the wrong kind of guy. There is no pattern or trend in the type of guy that I date, as they are all different, however, Im just super great at picking the wrong one. I wish there was  a book of protocol that I could follow or something relative to it so I would not have to make this up as I go along.

Being that I’m moving up and on, I’m meeting new guys and what not, and open to new things. I’m just conversing with a couple guys and I really cant figure either of them out. Guy number one is sweet and kind, yet has not had the “balls” to ask me on a date yet. I finally got he “balls” to ask him  why he hasn’t asked me on a date yet and he says that he’s “feeling me out” and “trying to see what I’m like.” I, of course, am thinking what the hell!?! How long is that going to take, I want to go on a date now! So I guess I have to be patient, right? Is there protocol on how long you converse with someone or  “feel them out” before you ask them on a date? At this point, I’m thinking, geez… I’m willing to go dutch! I’m a fun girl!!!

Guy number two is sweet and kind as well, but so sweet and kind that I almost thinking there is something wrong with him. I’m like, come on..Not that I don’t deserve and AMAZING guy, but are you really this sweet? I’m almost leery to open up to him at all, so I’ve been dancing around some questions that he’s asked. I’m pretty sure that it’s obvious though. Is there protocol on how long you wait before you really begin to open up to a person? Clearly, it’s too early for me since this guy and I have only been conversing a week…But if there is a number I should be aware of? I’d be thankful if someone would let me know!

Perhaps I’m just too used to being with guys that don’t know how to behave, so that when I get one that has some sense, I think they’re the ones that are “jacked up” on the inside, when really… It’s the other guys that are all messed. I can’t possibly be the only single girl that this happens to right? Food for thought…


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