Is there such a thing as a “bad” gift?

The answer is yes. Yes there is such a thing as a bad gift! This was made official as I found this out last night when I received a phone call from one of the besties. Her and and her boo exchanged Christmas gifts last night. She put much thought into his gift as she got him a vintage Cowboys jersey (of some person whose name I cannot remember nor happen to care about at this point). What was his gift to her you ask? A telescope. Yes. You read correctly. A TELESCOPE. This is something that she has expressed that she wanted at the time in her life when she has her own house and dog. Not in her present living situation. She was so upset upset she was almost in tears and of course at this point she doesn’t want to talk to him just yet as something super fly and crazy will fly out of her mouth… but I’m sure that part is coming at some point in the next few weeks.

Men. When buying a gift for your woman, think about  few things when purchasing the gift. Ask yourself one simple question, “When my woman’s friends/relatives  ask her what gift did your boyfriend get you for “xyz”, will she be proud to say (insert gift title here)?” So, in my bestie’s case, when I ask her, “hey doll, what did the boo get you for Christmas?” She will respond with “A TELESCOPE.” Does that sound appropriate?

Now don’t get me wrong. This has absolutely, nothing to do with materialism or finances. It has everything to do with knowing what your mate likes and what they are into. True. His heart was in the the right place, but the thought was in the wrong place. Seriously? A telescope. One year, he got her a boom microphone because he knew that she needed one as she was preparing to film her own documentary. Seriously? A boom microphone? I remain confused.

How is he so amazing in so many other areas of their relationship yet he sucks so bad at the gifts? She has suggested to him plenty times to come and talk to me if he has questions about something she may be interested in. He continues to go to his friends or try to pick things out alone and has continued to remain unsuccessful. I understand it’s a man thing and he wants to be able to pick things out for himself for his woman, but come one. I will say, when I have offered to help, he has not “shooed” me away, he has heard me out. I know my besties wants that happy feeling too that you get when your man clearly puts alot of thought and effort into the gift but we’re still missing the target thus far.

My advice to the fellas is… Ask for help if you’re not sure, especially if you want a reaction like Chuck bass and Blair Waldorf to my right! There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. The best friends of your woman are there for assistance in these instances. If you refuse to ask for help, when in doubt, just give money. That makes us all happy in both genders.


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