Merry Day After Christmas!!

Christmas was wonderful as it always is with my family. I think we were all together from 9am at church all the way until AT LEAST 8pm that evening. Needless to say, I was sick of my family by that night! I love them all but it was just time to escape and see my friends.

At 9am we had church, which was good, but I was disappointed the choir the choir sang the prior evening at the children’s mass at 5pm. We had the cantor and the piano player alone. For some reason they decided to sing the songs to old negro spirituals at the 9am service. No. I was not enthused with that but whatever. It was Jesus birthday. I sang along. Afterwards I went back to the house with my dad and brother and we opened our gifts. I got what I always love, wine and money. What more could I ask for? The challenge was shopping for my father. What do you get the man that wants nothing? Liquor! So he got a bottle of Grey Goose and was happy as a clam! My brother paid me to buy him the golf clubs that he wanted and then bought wrapping paper for me to wrap it for him and put it under the tree! I added my own personal touch an got him golf socks. He was cheesing like he was 6 again!

Went to my aunt’s and helped cook and dinner was AMAZING as always. I ate so much yesterday I started to feel bad about myself!  I had to put myself on food probation! I still have an outfit I have to be bad ass in for New Years! We had the family gift exchange which is the equivalent to white elephant. I did pretty good and came out with a mini digital camcorder. The problem is, the rechargeable battery that came with the camera has the wrong battery in the box and I cant use it as of yet. I went to walmart and target to see if they carried it so that I could exchange it, but of course, neither store carries it. I’m wondering if the person that put it in the gift exchange bought it off ebay, because when I googled it, all I found were postings from ebay.

By 8pm I was secretly hoping my family and their children would be tired and heading home, but no… After the Gift exchange, they were all fired up and cracked open a game of gestures! I had had my fill, eased on up stairs and changed clothes, and eased out the back door to go have game night with my friends! I don’t even think anyone noticed that I left!

When I showed up at my girlfriend’s house, I brought a bottle of Skinny Girl Margarita as I normally bring a bottle of the alcoholic beverage of my choice. I was not very aware that I was not supposed to bring alcohol into my friend’s home as her mother didn’t allow that. I had never met anyone that did not allow alcohol into their home! I had her some information about that but, I figured it was a vicious rumor. My friend’s mom wasn’t too heated, but her in-laws sure were happy that I brought libations! I mean, who doesn’t like holiday alcohol?


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