Online Dating Dos and Donts

As a girl that has had some “okay” luck with online dating, I have already figured out my likes and my dislikes. I use the adjective “okay” , mainly because I’m not married but thank goodness, have not met anyone necessarily considered clinically crazy. Sure, the informed person would say ignorant ish like, oh, online dating is for … Continue reading

Weekend Rap up

My weekend was very interesting, and, being that I am trying to get back on the good foot with my blog, I thought it would be in my best interest to begin to incorporate my a weekly weekend, rap up… if that makes any sense at all. Friday night, I was called to duty by … Continue reading

Hot guy Leroy

Remember hot guy Leroy? Remember how I could not figure out what to do with him, nor WTF was wrong with him? Well… Everything finally came to a head. When I was on facebook (before the deactivation) and looking into his information and such, I noticed that he was friends with a few of my … Continue reading

Work, Work, and my inner motivation

Second week of work has been going well thus far. Training is 6 weeks long and our training instructor is trying her hardest in order to stretch out training that is originally three weeks longs. It’s not hard work that is equivalent to brain surgery, BUT it is alot of memorization. Since we’re all creatures … Continue reading

Sick Girl Walking

After being unemployed for 8 months, I finally started my new job this past Monday! I’d be lying if I said I haven’t felt weird all week long getting up at the buttcrack of dawn to make to work by 8am! I’m very thankful but I tell you this! I am EXHAUSTED!! I am so … Continue reading