Bring it in with the Girls!

Being that I did not have a boyfriend to bring the new year in with, nor did my girlfriends (except for one), we decided to bring in the new year together! We all wanted to get dressed up and party our asses off to bring the new year in with our favorite people.

We started out having dinner at Del Frisco’s Grille on Mckinney. I called the day before and was still able to make reservations for New Year’s Eve at 7pm. (I’m pretty sure I got the last spot, so I got super excited and was very lucky!) We arrived at 7pm to the Grille fully dressed and ready to drink! We were seated promptly and had no wait- as to my surprise. The atmosphere was fab and upbeat and they had the most awesome, random, background music playing i.e. Michael Jackson circa 1980-something. We got seated and had the most amazing server named Luke that was on top of his ish. As I love sweet wine, but did not want to order Moscato, he recommended Riesling (my fave) which was wonderful. What I remember most is the pineapple cocktail that they were making specifically for New Years Eve. He told us this story of how the pineapples had been sitting in alcohol for about a week and then they made  the  cocktail fresh so of course, when he brought out the cocktail, we could not taste the alcohol at all! I think we had 2 round of that!

The appetizer that he suggested was the crab cakes. Now I have had tasty crab cakes at many restaurants, but I tell you this, Del Frisco’s Grille has the best crab cakes I have ever had period! I don’t know if it was the crab itself, or sauce, or a combination of both, but my friends and I were so into the crab cakes, that we had to force ourselves to remain dignified and NOT lick the plate! For my main course, I had a chicken schnitzel, it was delicious, yes, but the main thing that stands  out in my mind from the entire dinner is the crab cakes! I have to go back for them for sure!

After dinner, we all went to a party at Tower Club at the top of Thanksgiving Tower. The girls and I “pooled” our money together and got bottle service. We got a bottle of grey goose and a bottle of champagne for $350, which was pretty much a good being that under any other circumstances, we would have paid more than that. The only complaint I really had about the entire evening was how our table service was ready for us as soon as we arrived at 11pm and we basically had to hunt down someone in order to get our alcohol, the mixers, the cups etc. We did get everything under control around 11:30pm so we were all sippin and serving it up by midnight! The dj was pretty good but they certainly could have surrounded the place better with more speakers.

Since we got dropped off, we had to hail a cab after the party was over. It sounded like a good plan initially, being that we did not want to drive around Dallas at all for New Years Eve. Too bad that plan did not go over too well! As we tried to hail a cab, these other tramps hopped in the cab as it slowed down for us! When we tried to hail others, no one would stop for us! Luckily, my girl’s ex lived 3 blocks over from where we were so she called  him and we got a ride home. Of course we ended up at our fave after hours spot, Taco Cabana since we were starving after all the mayhem!

I kid you not, we did not get in the bed and under the covers until 4:30am. We didnt wake up until around 11:30ish. lol. We were so dehydrated!! We were chugging water as soon as we woke up! Don’t fret, everything worked out fine and I got my black eyed peas and other soul foods of choice that day!

Like the pic? It’s of me and my fave girls! (since I deactivated my FB account temporarily, I need someplace to put the pics!)


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