What’s a single girl to do?

Im seeing this guy, who is super duper handsome, but I am at a complete loss as to what I’m supposed to do with him and I need some help!

I’m not embarrassed in the least to say that I have tried internet dating. I met this guy on the internet , we will call him Leroy, and got comfortable enough via text messages and phone conversations to meet him. We had out first date at Dave N Busters and it was AWESOME. We had a great time and even though he beat me at everything and did not let me win once, I still enjoyed myself and really wanted to see him again. 2 weeks pass by, and I don’t see him at all, and then finally, we go on another date. We go to a brunch date at Breadwinners that was equally as wonderful. He kissed me (in the mouth for the first time) while we were praying and I was like helloooo! SWOON!!!  Pretty good conversation and we talked and held hands and walked around West Village. (Corny, yes, but I liked it!)

My beef/major concern is that, I feel like he’s trying to lure me to his house/his den of sin. We’ve only gone on two dates and he’s constantly trying to get me to come over his house to spend time with him and/or spend the night. Granted, I do want to spend time with him, but I’m not comfortable with that and I damn sure don’t want him to get complacent thinking that he doesn’t have to do anything in order to court me. Now… he does not really strike me as the kind of man that would act that way, but still… I have standards and we have only see each other twice in our entire lives!

My other major concern is that I’m not necessarily what he’s looking for. I have friends and family that I’m close to and I like to go out. From may up until yesterday, I was a part of the laid off and unemployed statistic. I had all this free time on my hands during the week while I worked out and looked for jobs. In order to save money, I made sure not to go out during the week, so on the weekend, I could still hang out with my friends and maintain some kind of normalcy. When the Christmas season finally rolls around, my family and friends stroll into town and we went hard in the paint, i.e. partying, drinking, going out etc. Leroy has yet to let me know ahead of time that he wants to go out and spend time with me, although I make it abundantly clear that I am free. After he makes no plans with me, I make plans with my friends and/or fam and live it up. I’m not one to just stay in the house and sit around waiting on a man to want to spend time with me. I’ve made myself as available as I can but he makes it seem as I don’t make time for him as he acts like he wants to hang out, while I’m already out. WTF is up with that? What am I supposed to do with that?! All he has to do is say something. If we don’t have plans, and I’m not chilling with him, I’m not understanding why I should be sitting around in the house doing nothing. WTF am I supposed to do with that?

What exactly is the an appropriate amount of time to spend time with this dude at his house? I mean he’s cute but dang… What’s a single girl to do and what exactly is appropriate? No, no, no….wait.. what is this guy really wanting and trying to tell me?  How can I get him to be more patient and do things my way?

2 Responses to “What’s a single girl to do?”
  1. nyblac says:

    in dating, a girl should set the pace. just say no!

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