Sick Girl Walking

After being unemployed for 8 months, I finally started my new job this past Monday! I’d be lying if I said I haven’t felt weird all week long getting up at the buttcrack of dawn to make to work by 8am! I’m very thankful but I tell you this! I am EXHAUSTED!! I am so used to be able to work out in the morning, come home, carry on about my day, look for jobs, an go about the evening as I please. But now. Have I worked out at all this week? The answer is HELL NO! Come 5pm, I drive right on past the exit to 24 hour fitness and go right to the house to take a nap. I feel so pitiful and lazy! I need to run or something but I have absolutely no motivation whatsoever. I am trying to figure out how on earth, I was able to work out before or after work when I was employed at the beginning of the year. This ish is hard as Haites! So now, I’m a week behind on my 6 week work out program. (or was it 12 weeks?) To make matters even worse, I have been sick all week! I am in training at work for the next 6 weeks, and week one I come into the office and manage to get 2 of my co workers sick! Who does that you ask? I do! I feel horrible. It is some whack chest and nasal congestion, but I still cannot beat it. I swear, I have ingested every single kind of medication I can get my hands on and nothing is working.

How about, yesterday, I went into Walgreens to pick up my prescription, and I walked out with some shampoo, conditioner, curly gel, mousse, my prescription, and a humidifier. I was desperate! I’m not convinced that it’s working yet, but I’m going to use it a couple more days and hopefully get results…. and then return it. Please. Please. Don’t judge me. 

Of course I called a few of my “boos” (male and female) hoping someone would come over to take care of me, or at least bring me some chicken noodle. Do you know not one of their whack asses came over?! Talking about, “Oh, I don’t want to get sick! You may be contagious!” I need to line of a boyfriend for the remainder of the winter for these instances. At least my Daddy came to the rescue. As usual.Geez. Anyway. Hopefully, this will let up soon. I don’t just want to be known as the sick girl at work.


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