Hot guy Leroy

Remember hot guy Leroy? Remember how I could not figure out what to do with him, nor WTF was wrong with him? Well… Everything finally came to a head.

When I was on facebook (before the deactivation) and looking into his information and such, I noticed that he was friends with a few of my sorority sisters. I took that information with a grain of salt, yet still kept the information under my hat. The more I talked to him, and became more and more intrigued with his answers and the things that he had to say, some things just weren’t sitting well with me.

The part that stuck out the most in my mind was how, he made many “side bar” comments on how much I went out with my friends and/or family, as if it was a problem. Keep in mind, he went out with his friends quite often, I just never commented on it as I really didn’t care. We’re neither in a commitment nor in a relationship so it really doesn’t bother me in the least. Not to mention, when we first started speaking, he made it a point to tell me, “If I saw you out with another man, I wouldn’t be upset with you. That’s what you’re supposed to do when you’re dating. Date lots of people.” Now… I’ve dated some men in my day, and regardless of our relationship, no man wants to see the woman they’re into/kinda into/ liking etc with anyone else. PERIOD.  So they statement was somewhat odd. I let it go, and fly away though.

In coming weeks, he would make all these comments about he wanted to see and spend time with me etc, however, when I was available (and made it very clear I was available), he never capitalized on the opportunity. yet again. I let it go. This past weekend, Rickey Smiley was coming to the improv. Being that he’s my favorite comedian, I was trying to buy tickets, so that he and I could go. I made it clear he was in town the entire weekend and did not specify the day as to when we should. He turns me down and tells me that his friends are coming into town. I let it go. AGAIN. (btw. no, I did not get to go to the show)

Sorority meeting was last weekend, and I asked my sorority sisters about him and they gave me the complete run down. I made sure to say all nice things about him, just in case word got back to him. They told me, he’s “aight” and I’m welcome to do as I please but that he did have this “off again on again” thing with one of our other sisters that I am familiar with. They said that, it was kind of odd seeing him out in public and such being that every time they saw him, he was with someone new, knowing that they were fully aware of the kind of relationship that he had with our sorority sister. HMPH.

Now… I’m not upset at all, as we only went on two dates and we are definitely not even remotely close to being anything serious. But I am going in with my eyes open. Later that afternoon, I sent him a text message saying, hey. have fun with your friends, ttyl. Trying to be nice to him. He writes me back something sarcastic that got dismissed and he said some BS about please forgive him as it will not happen again. HA. needless to say…. his number got deleted. I don’t need any bull shit in my life. I haven’t heard from him since last Saturday.

Don’t worry. He’ll be back though. They ALWAYS come back.

2 Responses to “Hot guy Leroy”
  1. crystal summons says:

    I love it… keep paying attention to the BS some men try to feed us.

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