Work, Work, and my inner motivation

Second week of work has been going well thus far. Training is 6 weeks long and our training instructor is trying her hardest in order to stretch out training that is originally three weeks longs. It’s not hard work that is equivalent to brain surgery, BUT it is alot of memorization. Since we’re all creatures of habit, I’m pretty sure everything will become much more easy via redundancy.

In case you were wondering, yes, I am feeling much better than I was last week! I can most definitely focus more and hear better especially since I am not sniffing or blowing my nose every other minute. Also, I’m glad I haven’t infected anyone else in my group with my germs!

On a more important note, I have mentally evaluated everyone in my group, according to their fashion sense, and I am thoroughly disappointed with what I see. Everyone dresses so BORING!  I have no one to challenge me and give me creative ideas on how I can improve my wardrobe. All the ladies to the same, sweater and dark or khaki slacks, t shirt and dark or khaki slacks, cami-sweater and slacks, or cami-t shirt and slacks, or knee boots tights a skirt with a tee or a sweater! Seriously people?  Can you try just a little bit harder? The only two people in my group that even almost give me a small bit new ideas are old enough to be my mother! There is one woman that is not in my group, but seems to be in my age range, that dresses nicely; so she will be the person that I snag creative fashion ideas from that I am not friends with as of yet. But wait. I shall. Eventually.

Work out wise, I finally made my way to the gym after a certain friend of mine made me feel guilty for being a complete lazy fat ass. He made it clear that I slacked last week and that I was not going to continue to see results via weight watchers blah blah blah, unless I got back on the wagon, so I did. i had to start going to a 24 hour fitness that was more into my route home, which means, so I had to go to a different body class that I am used to. I was excited about it. Until the class started. I thought the instructor was just warming up and getting to her motivational high point. EH WRONG. Guess gain. Her warm up voice. Is the exact same throughout the entire length of the workout! Talk about BORING! I was not motivated by her (other than the fact that the music was not loud enough), I was motivated to quit an go home and eat cake! I will say, I did not quit though, I stuck with it (and envisioned Beyonce standing in front of me yelling at me telling me I could never be as fit as her if I didn’t keep going!) and finished since I am clearly the only person that is going to push me! All the people I have tried to be my work out buddies have failed me, SO, it’s clearly me in this battle ALONE. That’s cool though, I’ll only have to attribute my success to myself in the end!


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