Weekend Rap up

My weekend was very interesting, and, being that I am trying to get back on the good foot with my blog, I thought it would be in my best interest to begin to incorporate my a weekly weekend, rap up… if that makes any sense at all. Friday night, I was called to duty by the best friend. She was throwing her boyfriend a surprise birthday party as his best friend’s apartment. Being that my bestie doesn’t really classify herself as a party planner, she called me for reinforcements. I had to get off work promptly at five- I live in Dallas but work in Fort Worth- so I had to rush home, have a quick shower and costume change and head out to north Dallas where the party was being held. I knew that the bestie’s boyfriend (who we will reference as D2) really really really likes Sprinkles cupcakes, so I had to stop through for 4 of his favorites. Rushing to his bestie’s apartment (no, the guys do not refer to themselves as such, but hey, I’m a woman, therefore, I feel that is the best term to classify their relationship), I had to immediately start cooking. D2 is extremely prompt , so we had people showing up between 8 and 8:30 just to make sure that D2 did not run into anyone on the stairs. There was soooo much food and even more alcohol that that there was almost not enough space in kitchen!

As i was preparing all the food, the first guest arrived early, which happened to be the bestie’s cousin- who stood me up for a date 2 months ago- and just happened to scurry on into the kitchen with me. I’m being super nice since I’m somewhat surprised, but, do you know that bastard was acting like nothing happened at all? I never mentioned it and obviously have not heard from him in 2 months, but geez. I didn’t get an apology and he didnt even almost acknowledge it. I hope he’s super scared since I was being so nice and not a bitch about the whole thing. But anyway, I digress. The party went off without a hitch and D2 was hella surprised. Im thinking my best friend deserves a girlfriend of the year award. I’m just saying.

Saturday, I had a date with a new guy. He happens to be the cousin of one of my close girlfriends. We will reference him as  Jazz. Not after the DJ Jazzy Jeff- although they do favor- but because our date was at a Jazz restaurant. Jazz saw me at Christmas time at my girl’s house but neglected to introduce himself. Since then, he has been hounding my girl on how he can get in contact with me.

Finally, he mustered up the nerve to talk to me and we had been chatting all week on the phone and via text. Wonderful conversation, very entertaining, and has a very fun yet corny personality just like I do. He finally asks me out and says, hey, how about we go to Buttons? Have you been there before? They had live music and it’s a really good time. I have been there before but was cool with going and politely accepted.

Saturday night rolls around and I show up late- unfortunately…but… as usual… IDK what the deal is with me showing up late on first dates, this is NOT the first time this has happened! I called him an hour prior an explained, so he was fully aware of my tardiness, but still. I have got to do better. Either way I get there, I see him and he introduces himself and his SISTER. IDK why she was there, but I immediately thought…. uhhhhh Is she going on the date with us? Thankfully she left shortly after we got seated. While we are there, the band is playing the ENTIRE time. If the band is playing the entire time, how the hell are we supposed to talk and get to know each other? Don’t get me wrong, the band was fabulous but I was quite disappointed in him. He was so fun and entertaining on the phone, but in person he was so boring. So what happens when I’m bored with a man? I DRINK. I DRINK quickly. So quickly, the server even noticed! The time comes for us to order. Originally, I had wanted the fried shrimp with catfish and grits, but he was going to order the same thing so I politely told him that I was going to order the salmon. We order with the server and I ask him, Oh, I hope you’ll share your shrimp and grits with me just so I can get a taste of it. I promise I won’t put my fork on your plate. He laughs it off and says sure, I’ll share my grits with you. The food comes and we both get the same thing. I asked him are you going to send it back since you got the wrong thing? he says yes, I’m going to get the server so I can get the grits and such. I said something along the lines of oh thats cool, since you did order the shrimp catfish and grits. He says, no I didnt, I ordered the salmon. So I then brought up what I asked him earlier about sharing his shrimp catfish and grits with me. He says…oh yeah.. I dont’ know what I was doing. I have now come to the conclusion that I intimidated the hell out of this guy and made him super nervous. I mean seriously dude? He was not entertaining. He bored me. When I went to the ladies room, I took out a little bit of time to stand in front of the mirror and play a couple rounds of Scramble with friends (feel free to play me noniebalonee) and then in route back to my table I got hit on twice by the men sitting at the table behind us. In his absence in the restroom the server was checking on me and asking how everything was going and teasing me about having, what my bestie calls a long throat, ie drinking my alcohol fast. I had to admit to the server that I had a boring date. He was not entertaining and I was ready to go. What else was I going to do. I had to drink to get to the evening! Luckily enough, I only had 2 rounds, because I already knew where I was headed if I did not stop. Dont’ get me wrong. Jazz is a very nice and respectable man. He just chose a bad location for a first date. Needless to say. I was ready to go by 9:15 and was out of there by 9:45pm and ended up going out with another guy for 10:30. The second impromptu date soooo made up for the first.

Sunday I had a brunch date at Breadwinners with this other guy I’m seeing, who I will be referencing as the Jolly Green Giant or JGG since he’s super tall. He’s entertaining as always and consistently brings intelligent conversation and many jokes. Nothing fancy to write about with him other than that he’s a good time. Dinner with fam and catching up on family gossip and my favorite trashy pointless reality show, Real Housewives of Atlanta, consumed the rest of my evening. Don’t get me started on Marlo and Sheree tonight. Grown ass women do not act like that in real life!

And no. I have not heard from Jazz since Saturday night.


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