Online Dating Dos and Donts

As a girl that has had some “okay” luck with online dating, I have already figured out my likes and my dislikes. I use the adjective “okay” , mainly because I’m not married but thank goodness, have not met anyone necessarily considered clinically crazy. Sure, the informed person would say ignorant ish like, oh, online dating is for desperate ugly people. Sorry. I am not desperate nor ugly so I know for a fact that is not true. If anything, I think it gives you more of variety of people that you would not necessarily meet under normal circumstances and you get more control of the situation. How often have you met someone in the mall, on the street, or in line at Starbucks, you give them your number, and after a few conversations, you’re like, dangit. You’re a little on the whack side and the only thing that we have in common is the fact that we we both like grande white chocolate mochas with extra foam. Online, you can keep talking to them on the site until you have a better grasp your common interests. If you feel some kind of a connection, you can go from there and either A) be bold and give them your phone number or B) (be like me and start super slow) and give them your email address. It’s your call. If the person doesn’t like it. OH WELL. DELETE. DELETE. DELETE. If they are really into and wanting to get to
know you more, they’re just have to grasp the fact that patience is a virtue and sit tight.

SO here are my top 5 things NOT to do in online dating: TOP 5 DOS AND DONTS

1) Don’t post half naked pictures of yourself in your profile. Even though you may look totally awesome in your swim suit from your vacation in Cancun or you just finished working out and you want people to see how “swole” your chest got from doing push ups, this makes you look desperate for attention and you will only get weirdees that want to smash sending you ignorant messages to your inbox. DO post a head shot. I personally don’t want people judging me on my body. Yes, I’m secure, but if you’re so busy gawking at me in a swim suit, and my wonderful body parts, you’re not going to give two rat’s asses- about what I have to say in a conversation on the computer or face to face.

2) When responding to a profile that you’re interested in, Don’t create a generic cut and paste paragraph . (i.e. hello there gorgeous queen. I saw your profile and was immediately intrigued. I just had to get to know you. Holla back if you’re interested) Do, actually pay attention to what
the person’s profile says and reference something in their profile when you respond to them. DO Make sure to make it a question so, if they are interested, they will have something to respond to and will be super impressed that you actually READ their profile

3) Do not send inbox messages to the same person over and over and over again or ask why they have not responded. If they are interested. T

hey will write you. If they do not, BACK OFF. Move onto the next one. If they do respond after a small period of time do not ask what took them so
long. That is a huge turn off and I’m sure there was a reason they did not answer immediately. Do thank them for responding and continue on with your conversation as normal.

4) Do not just send over your phone number with every single message you send to someone. That makes you look crazy and then the other person is going to wonder, how many other people have your number? Do, be patient and wait for a response. When you and the other person get comfortable, then discuss other options of alternative forms of communications. If they aren’t comfortable moving past the site’s controlled messaging, say bye bye! We get enough emails from folks at work. We don’t need a stranger we’ve never met leaving crap in our inbox too.
5) Lastly. Do not respond to everyone who’s profile you see. Have a filter. Do be selective. You’re
hot and awesome and have options! You don’t have to take just anything!

The best part of online dating is getting to be selecting. It’s okay to hit delete if you think someone is too ugly for you. You don’t have to respond to anyone you don’t want to. They’ll never know you even rejected them if you don’t even respond.


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