Who rocked the Climb?

The American Lung Associations annual Fight for Air, the Climb was today and I rocked the hell out of it! 53 flights of stairs and I am still in shock that I actually completed it! I got there at 8am and was absolutely terrified! I had nervous pee and everything and was literally shaking before … Continue reading

Happy Valentines Day!

I know it’s late, but bettter late than never right? I thought this was appropriate: I did not expect anything at all for Valentine’s Day being that I secretly think I have a Valentine’s Day cloud of doom hanging over my head since I was broken up with actually on Valentine’s Day last year. I … Continue reading

Weekend rap up

Yes. I suck, But I promise I am going to do better! More frequent posts coming soon! How was my weekend you ask? Eh… ok… Until my I went on date Saturday night and our waitress lost his credit card and then we got in an argument about I don’t know what and now we’re … Continue reading

Weekend wrap up

As usual, my life is a reality show and I still believe that I should have at least one camera following me around. I was just telling one of my girlfriends last week, if she did not know me, she would never believe any of the stories that I have tell about my ridiculously overly … Continue reading

Guys don’t want to see fat chicks naked part 1

As I have convinced myself repeatedly, that guys don’t want to see fat chicks naked, amazingly, this has been one of the things that I tend to tell myself when I’m working out (along with the imaginary Beyonce figure that I envision yelling at me while I struggle to breathe while running on the treadmill). … Continue reading