Guys don’t want to see fat chicks naked part 1

As I have convinced myself repeatedly, that guys don’t want to see fat chicks naked, amazingly, this has been one of the things that I tend to tell myself when I’m working out (along with the imaginary Beyonce figure that I envision yelling at me while I struggle to breathe while running on the treadmill). I religiously worked out 4-5 days a week, in the mornings from May until the very beginning of this past January…. When I was unemployed and living in my yoga pants and the college t shirt of my choice. 8 months of unemployment and I managed to lose 30 lbs!! Go me right?!

How about, now that I am employed and have a wonderful 8-5 to attend daily, I am falling into extremely bad habits. Can you hear my cry for help? I went to the gym twice this week because I was tired after work. What kind of lame-o excuse is that? I am terrified that all that weight that I shed is going to creep back up on me as I have entered the land of the damned. There is an occasion for a potluck at my job every other week! So far I am 0 for 2 being able to resist the fatty goodness that these people continue to bring into the workplace for these bi weekly celebrations!

The first celebration was for January birthdays. The celebration today was for Super Bowl so EVERYONE in the department (not just my team, the entire DEPARTMENT) brought in their favorite “tailgate” food of choice. Seriously people? Seriously? I couldn’t resist, so I indulged and now I feel like a complete fat ass. True… my jeans are still a size too big (and hardly stay up with a belt for that matter) , because that is what happens when you lose 30 lbs and you haven’t had time to shop for the new size that you are currently basking in, but still… that concerns me as I feel like overnight I could be back to where I was Christmas 2010.

That being said, I have decided to create a plan of action in order to be able to overcome these types of bi weekly “celebrations.” I have to make sure I bring my own snacks from now on…and most importantly, I have got to create a better menu of food for myself.(Which is MANDATORY at this point for me because I have noticed which women at my place of employment continue to pass up on washing their hands OR taking in a squirt of Purell after they use the ladies room- yes, I do pay attention- I do not like germs) When I don’t, I’ll eat crap…that is probably around 15 points per serving on weight watchers. Most importantly, I have to make sure I go to the gym and do some kind of work out in order to at least maintain my sexy. If not. I’ll never get married and I’m pretty sure , no man will ever want to see me naked.


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