Weekend wrap up

As usual, my life is a reality show and I still believe that I should have at least one camera following me around. I was just telling one of my girlfriends last week, if she did not know me, she would never believe any of the stories that I have tell about my ridiculously overly dramatic life. To top it all off, I probably would not have any friends at all because everyone would swear that I was a liar and what happens to me does not happen to normal people. Clearly. I am not normal.

Friday night, I intentionally made no plans as I figured I would probably just hang out with my girt, S, and be a nerd and tool around on my laptop, watch something on netflix, and eat junk. So I go home, get in the bed and start making my round of calls to friends I hadn’t spoken to all week, and then, my girl S bails on me to do something else. No problem right? It wasn’t a big deal. I didn’t mind staying at home on a Friday night anyway.

As soon as I get off the phone, I get a text message. The text message says, “how are you?” Of course in a fit of rage, I happened to delete the phone numbers of men that misbehaved as I have been trying to remove BS from life. I had a delayed response of, “I’m great! How are you?! BTW, please don’t take this personally, but I just got a new phone and do not have all my numbers. That being said, who is this?” Low and behold… guess who it was?? HOT GUY LEROY! I was sort of in shock as I hadn’t heard from him since the beginning of January! So we go back and forth with meaningless banter via text and he asks me, “hey, what do you have going on tonight?” I respond with, “nothing at all.” He immediately calls me and says, “can you meet me downtown in 30 minutes in front of the channel 8 studios?” I say something along the lines of sure, but there is a Mavs game tonight. He acts all surprised and was like cool well just meet me there.

Now I’m no fool. CLEARLY. I was not the first choice as I’m pretty sure he would have told me ahead time AND, not to mention the obvious, I haven’t heard from him since the beginning of January! So I get to the arena thinking this dude is going to have me at some bar surrounding the area, but no. We go directly inside to a suite that his mentor/father figure has. (although he tried to act slow like he wasn’t aware of where we should be going) So he introduces me to his mentor or what not, and the mentor introduces himself and says, hi! Have I met you before?! (I’m thinking SERIOUSLY?! Hot guy Leroy needs to train his friends better so they wont blow his cover about his many other women) So, I politely smiled and said no. All in all, the evening was fine, I had a good time, and he actually texted me yesterday, but clearly, I will be having no attachment to this man whatsoever. But hey, I surely don’t mind being entertained on occasion. No need for me to be a yotch about it.

Saturday, my girl S came over and was my motivation in purging my closet of unnecessary times, that were not flattering, complimentary, or just plain old/raggedy/ ugly. I will be doing a post about that eventually as she is a photographer and my room/closet was a hot ass mess. After the purge, BEFORE I even cleaned everything up, it was 10 thousand time better. I am very impressed with myself. Saturday night I hung out with the man that is what I consider poison to my soul, however, I still just cannot manage to shake him. We had a good time for what it was and AMAZINGLY , I got to meet some of his family. Still in shock over that. Sunday. Of course. As always we got into an argument…because if we didn’t, that would be too much like right.

I wasn’t into any Super Bowl parties, so I watched it home, alone, and tweeted all through about the commercials. I was not impressed with them and there were way too many car commercials. I’m just saying.

Since Valentine’s Day is next week, I guess I should be thinking of something fun to do with my other single girlfriends….Right?


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