Who rocked the Climb?

The American Lung Associations annual Fight for Air, the Climb was today and I rocked the hell out of it! 53 flights of stairs and I am still in shock that I actually completed it! I got there at 8am and was absolutely terrified! I had nervous pee and everything and was literally shaking before my time started. I made myself do it and just kept pushing myself. I definitely think the secret was holding onto the stair rails for dear life and not letting go! At one point I KID YOU NOT, I was crawling up there stairs! Here’s the before:

For some reason, the first 6-7 flights do not have number son them, so at the start of the race, you already thing that you’re not going to know where you are until you stop! But fortunately, it was not like that at all. I would let myself grab water until I got to the 20th floor and then next thing you know I was on the 40th! I swear the air quality got poorer the higher and higher up I got! I even started to pass people as I gasping for air! Of course I could not complete the climb without Beyonce blasting in my ear, as I got closer to the top I took out one ear bud and did not realize how loud I was breathing! I swear, I thought my heart was going to beat out my chest! My bestie swears that I was having an asthma attack! 49th floor I stopped for a second and gasp for air and finally made it through to the 53rd floor! I did the whole thing in 17:57 minutes! That was without really training for it!  What would it have been like if I actually trained?! Go Me! I rocked the climb!


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