One bag? For one week? Not an option!

This is exactly what I was thinking when my manager told me that she would “prefer” that we only checked one bag for a week long trip to Atlanta. Me. One bag, for one whole week? Yeah right! I checked 2 bags! Not to mention… I had a carry on. I mean seriously. How else was I supposed to entertain myself on an 1 hour and 49 minute long flight to Atlanta?

Sitting on the tarmac for 45 minutes did not make the flight, in the rain, seem any shorter than it was. However, me watching the Beyonce concert at Roseland on DVD did speed things up for a bit. I’m pretty sure the person that was sitting next to me got their fill of me and my muffled hums of every single song she belted out. Of course I did not realize how loud I was until I took my head phones off. *Curse those headphones they created that drowns out all background noise!*

Needless to say, the storm we flew threw gave the entire flight quite a bit of turbulence, but I landed safely. In a perfect world, I would say that I was living the good life as I handled business in Atlanta for work. Too bad I’m not staying in Atlanta per say, but in a small small town outside of it, wishing that I could be rescued after my 8-5 business meetings all day long. Of course, no one in my group wants to venture out OR give me the keys to the rental car. I will say the highlight is being able to have housing and food on the company the whole week, so… the week won’t be a bust at all!

After 48 hours in this small small town, I have already called for reinforcements of friends from drunken nights passed. I knew they would opt to show me a good time in their city after work hours! Hopefully me staying up past my bedtime will end up being worthwhile!


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