Every Woman Needs a Roster

After speaking to a close girlfriend of mine, I felt this topic was a serious must. One of my friends was telling me how she was feeling like she needed to ween herself off of her “boo,” as they were spending a little  too much time together, and she needed somewhat of a distraction. (btw, just in case you were not aware, your “boo” is the man that is not your boyfriend yet acts like it, but comes around in times that are convenient for the both of you- really more so you- i.e. movie nights, changing light bulbs, telling you you’re gorgeous even though you’re fully aware you’re bloated as hell and cannot fit into your skinny jeans etc)

My immediate question was, well, who’s on your roster? Your roster is the list of men that you spend time with at your convenience. Her roster, unfortunately, was depleted due to some of those men not acting right. (not acting right is described as begging for sex, smothering me with too much attention (like that ever happens), being inconsistent, or just plain making me unhappy and pissing me off. If I am going to be upset and then you’re going to decide to behave, we might as well be in a relationship so I can reap the benefits as such).

This has now prompted her to accept new “applications” in order to fill back up, said roster. Your roster should be filled with many different types of men that suit all your interests/needs. If you’re into sports, men that are into your favorite sport is must, preferably ones that actually enjoy going to the actual sporting events. You never know, you may luck up on a season ticket holder. If you like movies, you need a guy that’s into going to all types of movies, even chick flicks (or maybe he’s the type of guy that you can punk into going to chick flicks.) If you’re heavy into fitness and working out, making friends with a trainer just might be beneficial to you. Like music? you need a guy with the same type of music interests as you. Everyone needs a fun friend to sneak backstage with!  I think you get the picture.

Now I know you’re thinking, uh… isn’t this kind of mean since you’re just using the guy at your beckon and call? Absolutely not. This is what dating is all about. Going out, having a good time, and getting to know new people. No commitments what so ever. Now yes, I am a traditional kind of woman and I do expect the man to reach for his wallet more times than me, but I am not a fool and have no problem paying, SOMETIMES. Not all the time. I know to keep the roster full, I have to pretend like the world does not revolve around me and that I am a caring and thoughtful person.

What are the benefits of the roster you ask? You will always have an active social life! With all these men to do all your favorite types of things, what more could you ask for? You’ll stay busy, and maybe, just maybe, they will start to think of you first when they may luck up on some free tickets to one of your favorite events. Not to mention, if you spend time with enough of them you either a- will get a pretty good friend out of the situation or b- get a boyfriend you can actually stand! Sounds like a win win situation to me!


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