So… the Atlanta trip

The first thing I thought when I was told that I was going to Atlanta on business was, damn! My first time in Atlanta and I’m forced to be sober! What a jip!

Being that I was going out of town on strictly business, I already had many preconceived notions on what was not going to happen while I was there. No drinking, no staying out late, and of course, no partying. I’m unhappily reporting that 2 of the 3 happened. I did not drink a drop of anything containing liquor, nor did I get to party. I did get to stay out late as one of my friends,  from drunken nights past,  that currently resides in Atlanta, came to rescue me from Johns Creek, Georgia.

Where is John’s Creek, Georgia you ask? If I knew exactly I’d tell you! In minutes, it’s about 15-20 outside of Atlanta actually. I have a very good friend that was willing to journey out to BFE (Bum F- Egpyt) to get me! My girl Stephanie made it a point to give me the “hood tour” of Atlanta and show me everything that I wanted to see off of all the reality shows that I’m pretty sure are turning my brain to the same gel that makes Haribo gummi bears.

We ate at a cute little restaurant called Café Circa on Tuesday night. If I hadn’t had given up liquor for Lent, I’d give you a rundown on how awesome the libations were, but, that will have to happen on the next trip. The food was great!  A good blogger would have a picture to follow that up with, but of course, I forgot, again. After we ate, we ended up checking out a cute little lounge called Bar One. (for you Housewives of Atlanta fans, yes, that is Peter’s club). It was actually quite nice and Peter was actually there serving up drinks and working! Who’d have thought?!  I’m still in shock that he really did have that life size head shot of Cynthia on the wall! Yes! This pic was actually on the wall at the entrance!

On Thursday, I tried out this cute lounge-ish place called Kat’s Café. Super cute and they had a live band. You could go up there and sing as well. Did I go up there and sing you ask. Well….since me singing is a little bit worse than cat’s screaming, I think not! But the people that did get brave enough off of liquid courage sounded great! The food was typical bar food. I had quessdillas. Nothing to rave about.

Getting home was probably the highlight of my trip. I found that travelling for pleasure and business are two completely different types of trips being that, your exhaustion levels feel completely different at the end of the trip. When you’re partying and going out and just vacationing, you don’t care too much about sleep! All you need is a power nap, a red bull and the next drink of choice and you keep the party going. For work, you have to get up on time, be ready- ON TIME,  work for 8 hours like you do at home, and think logically and say smart stuff like yes, I agree with your synopsis ALL DAY LONG!

I have never been so happy to be back in my own bed sleeping! Now I need a vacation!


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