The Name Dropper

This weekend was very long! Friday night was a charity fundraising gala, Saturday night I
had a date, and Sunday I had a brunch date. You’d think it was a perfect weekend right?? Wrong!

The Saturday night date= Epic fail.

How can a guy so cute have so many flaws? I met the guy in Houston last week. He was “interesting” and we had been talking all week long. I knew something was “different” about him, but I could not put my finger on it. Come to to find out, he’s a name dropper.

What is a name dropper? A name dropper is a guy that name drops any well known person in society just to make themselves look good, or what they think is making them look good.

This is what has been happening to me all week long when I talk to this “Name dropper” guy and when we went on our date Saturday night. Imagine. Sitting at dinner, trying to get to know someone and all they keep doing is managing to reference who they know, who they work with/for, and who lives in their gated community. Seriously? I swear. before the appetizer came I stopped listening and basically had to wing it just to keep him talking about himself so I wouldn’t start making up lies just to entertain myself.

So fellas, please answer this question for me: why do guys do this? Is it insecurity? Does this kind of man really think this is what impresses women? I am certainly confused!

I knew this topic was mandatory as the exact same thing happened to one of my girlfriends when she went to lunch today. Unfortunately, this guy was even worse because he not only bragged about the people he knew (that were actually F-list celebrities out of Dallas) but he bragged about his knock off material possessions. I was amazed my friend didn’t call me at work to come pick her up because she didn’t want to be subjected to more of his mediocre knock off ramblings in the car ride home.

What’s funny about the name droppers are, they think they are doing really well when they continuously name drop, but don’t seem to sense the boredom oozing through the pores from the person on the receiving end of their long winded name dropping tales. Needless to say, both guys that my friend and I went out with, had a great times out with us and want to see us again. The question is… do we want to see them again?


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