Yes! I’m back! And of course, I thought this would be the most appropriate time to discuss the Steve Harvey Movie, “Think like a Man.” (if you haven’t seen the movie, nor read the book, now might be a good time to dismiss yourself.)

Yes, when the book came out, I was one of those women that strolled out to get the book. ( I say strolled because I did not run out to get the book. I strolled in with big sun glasses on and a scarf and acted like me purchasing the book as not a big deal and I really was not that interested when I actually was)  Just like any other woman probably, was interested to see if Steve Harvey was letting us into the inner workings of the male mind and perhaps break “guy code.” After actually reading the book, it was nice for what it was, but it didn’t necessarily drop information on me that I had never heard before. Majority of the things in his book, I had been taught from people that are close to me in successful relationships. What Steve Harvey did was actually, confirm what I had already known. In a sense, it was some what reassuring that a man his age was more so just confirming what I thought was to already be true. Now… what did I already know? That’s for a completely different post.

I went to the movie last Friday with a guy friend whose sense of humor is just about as corny as mine, so I figured it would be a good match. The movie was just like the book, just in a condensed form and touched on the more important parts of the book. All of the celebrities in the book did a phenomenal job, and I would actually go back and see it again. Kevin Hart was a riot! As to not spoil it too much for those of you that have not seen the movie, nor read the book, I’d say that I was loosely like the Meagan good character-the 90 day rule girl. No, I’m not giving my “love and happiness” away, however, I do tend to run into bone head guys and definitely have many rules in place before I actually figure out what I want out of you and potentially create a relationship.

Is this movie/book, the relationship bible for me? Not in the least. I took the movie for what it was. A comedy. Certain parts I could take to heart, but it was a hilarious movie that I’ll probably run out and get on DVD.

Oh… Did I mention how GORGEOUS Michael Ealy was?


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