Memorial Day Instagrams


Happy Memorial Day/ Music Monday

Happy Memorial Day all! I felt this video was most suitable for the day! Thank you to all the troops, past and present, and all you’ve done for out country! 

FML Moment

As many of you may not be aware, I am a little bit of a fan of Beyonce Giselle Knowles- Carter. 3 months ago when it was announced that she would be doing a series of concerts Memorial Day weekend in Atlantic City, I was ecstatic. I was determined go. Before tickets went on sale, … Continue reading

Music Monday

  My “hood” side. IDK why I like this song!What do you think of it?

Do we get to ask?

One of the bestie’s called last night and we had a quick question and answer session about a situation that she’s currently in. She’s starting to date a man that has casually mentioned that he has a child. The first question was, are we at the age to where it is more acceptable to date … Continue reading