Do we get to ask?

One of the bestie’s called last night and we had a quick question and answer session about a situation that she’s currently in. She’s starting to date a man that has casually mentioned that he has a child. The first question was, are we at the age to where it is more acceptable to date men with children?  If so, how many is the maximum? After that, the questions just seemed to flow!

Do we get to ask about their relationship with their child? Do we get to ask about their relationship with their child’s mother? What’s a deal breaker? How many baby mamas does he have to have before you have to stop and think, hmph… well… I don’t know much about you, but I do know that you like sex and you don’t like to use condoms!

Answering the questions was simple. Yes. We are at the a get to where, unfortunately, a man with a child is more than likely. One child would be what seems most understandable as more than one child with more than one baby mama seems to be more of a challenge and doesn’t necessarily mean that he thinks clearly at all time.

You don’t really have to ask directly about their relationship with their child or child’ s mother as when they speak of either or in normal conversation, you’ll get an understanding as to where he actually has a relationship with the child. How he speaks of his child’s mother will be definitely be an indicator as to whether or not she’s still in love with him, is understanding  and carries on a business relationship with the mother of his child, or if she’s a jealous lunatic and uses the poor kid as a puppet in her show.

Now… these are just my opinions. what are your thoughts on dating when the person that you’re interested in has a child and all the issues that come with that? Whats a deal breaker for for you?


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