FML Moment


As many of you may not be aware, I am a little bit of a fan of Beyonce Giselle Knowles- Carter.

3 months ago when it was announced that she would be doing a series of concerts Memorial Day weekend in Atlantic City, I was ecstatic. I was determined go. Before tickets went on sale, I was smart about it, priced plane tickets, went through housing options etc. As to my dismay, it was out of my budget. I tried crunching numbers and was even willing to sleep upright at a friend’s dining room table just to be able to go, but, it was just not in the cards. However, I didn’t let it get me down! I was determined to win tickets! I started listening to all New York stations at work trying to get in on my free tickets! I mean, she was performing May 25- May 27! She even added a show on Memorial Day May 28th. Certainly, I could get 1 simple ticket right? I knew the stations in the area were going to be giving away fly away prize packages!

I had just about given up hope after calling in and writing numerous emails, until I was listening to the Breakfast Club on Power 105, this past Wednesday. Right before they were going off the air, Angela Ye said, “hey we’re giving away 2 Beyonce concert tickets for Friday, May 25. We need caller 105.”

I knew this was my chance. I called. And called. And redialed. And redialed. NOTHING. Finally. Someone picks up. I’m caller 72. (INSERT EXPLETIVES HERE) I hang up. I call right back, and then I hear, “hello, hello.” I say, “hello. Am I caller 105?” The infamous Angela Ye says, “yes you’re caller 105 you won 2 Beyonce tickets to Club Revel on Friday.”

I immediately hop up from my desk like I hit lotto and start hyperventilating.

Then she asks me, “why are you whispering?” I had to tell her I was at work, and she stated laughing. I then asked, “are you flying people out to the concert?” She said, “no.” I said, “then… I have a problem. I’m in Texas.” She says, “Oh. I’m sorry. I cant give you the tickets then.” And then hangs up.

I started shaking. I was sooo close! I could taste it, but it was just not in the cards for me! Tickets into Atlantic City were not even available with that short of a notice. Tickets into Newark, La Guardia, and JFK airports all started at $750 before taxes. I had no options. So I’m at work. Disappointed. It took me an hour to collect myself and focus on my work.

So, to anyone out there enjoying any of the Beyonce concerts this weekend, I’m vicariously living through you. Please post pictures as I would love to hear/read about your experience.

Now if this was you, how would you have handled this situation? Would you have been able to go?


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