10 things I learned at my Great Great Grandmother’s Funeral

Last Monday, my Great Grandmother died. She was 107 years old. The service was Saturday all the way in East Texas. I’d say what city, but no one would actually know what I was talking about. As the service was about 2 hours outside of Dallas, out in the BFE (for those of you that … Continue reading

Is that Ray J’s Sister?

I’m sitting in my car on Friday, on my way to a date, and this song comes on the radio. Immediately, I turn it up and I’m trying to figure out who is singing this song! I’m trying to get info off of the radio in my car but Im getting no information what so … Continue reading

Now why would she do that? Part one

My cousin’s husband’s amazingly gorgeous best friend has been my secret crush probably since college. FINALLY, last month, he asks me for my number.  Little did I know,  a year or so ago when he expressed a sudden interest in me, my cousin, told him that he was forbidden to talk to me “like that” … Continue reading

The Ratchet Girl in Me

For about 8 months I was a part of the “unemployed Americans” statistic. At the beginning of my unemployment status due to a lay off, I vowed to myself that I would not gain weight, but, go the other direction and lose. Getting up every morning and working out for about 2-3 hours at 24 … Continue reading

Music Monday

It took me all week to get it together to figure out how I was going to verbalize this Music Monday. As stated last week, I was excited about Usher’s new album finally dropping. I downloaded it to my phone and listened to it a few times. After listening to the album at least 3 … Continue reading