What a long weekend!

Thursday started out rough with a down pour of rain on my head! I  was tardy for work, BUT  I was super excited about getting to wear my hot pink rain boots since, you know, it seems like we are almost always in a  drought in Texas. We barely ever get rain! I swear it think we’re averaging  rain once a month now.Now if I could just find a matching hot pink raincoat to wear and I would so anticipate the next storm!

Friday was good as I hung out with the besties and chilled and drank some of my fave chocolate wine but couldn’t fully indulge since I promised myself that I was going to get up and run. 

I promised myself that I was going to get up and run and that I was not going to get “chocolate” wasted in this case. Last week, I drank so much the night before I got up for a run that I was too dehydrated to finish! My side started and I could barely get throughout the second mile! Check out the atmosphere though! Who wouldn’t want to run here?

After my 3 miles with one of my friends, I finally hooked up with my my friend for brunch and tore it up! We went to Nick and Sam’s Grill and I had the Toad in the Hole and the most amazing Peach Sangria! Don’t worry… I didn’t get chocolate wasted! My poor friend had a slight hangover, but because I am me, I somehow convinced her that she needed another alcoholic beverage to  feel better. Can you tell that  I didn’t like my meal that much?

There was a pool party in the Village that I found out about on accident and my girls and I hung out there all day long and finally ended up watching the Celtics and Thunder game at Draft Picks. Needless to say, I stayed in Sunday and got the best nap ever to recuperate from my long weekend!

How was your weekend? What did you do?


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