High Hopes High Heels

I think I’ve been 5 feet 5 inches since the 9th grade. I have a delicate size foot 10 shoe and I tell my friends I was meant to be tall but probably stunted my own growth by beginning to drink coffee at 10 years old. Who’d have thought that old wives tale would have been true? Since I figured that I was going to barely be above average height for a woman, I decided that I was going to fool everyone with my “wanna be” height. My Grandmother was 6’1, my mother was 5’10, why couldn’t I just play along and be the 5’9 I aspired to be? In my high heels anyway.

So sometime in college, I bought a pair of heels and started to practice walking in them. Ever since then, I tended to wear high heels everywhere I went giving the amazing fallacy that I was taller than I was. I didn’t realize how effective my little method was until summer came and I started to wear flip flops, and my boyfriend at the time asked me, with a very confused look on his face, “what happened to you? Weren’t you taller than this before?” Score!!!!! is what i was thinking… and I thought DAMNIT! The jig is up!

Now, in my adulthood, I’ve fallen in love with Steve Madden and Jessica Simpson shoes. The love is so serious, I swear I am their bitch and I pretty much have been paying their mortgages.

A question that I have gotten numerous times at work currently is, how did you learn to walk in heels? And do my feet hurt? Yes! These questions actually came from real live, talking, breathing women! I didn’t know that so many women did not know how to walk in heels! It’s almost blasphemy to me! ( I’m thinking a clinic on walking with heels may just be option for these women that struggle to walk on stilts like me)

I learned how to walk in heels by practicing NOT walking like a lineman in pads with a giant wedgie and buying comfortable shoes so that my feet wouldn’t hurt too quickly. Over the course of an entire day, yes, my feet are tired and sore when I get home. For majority of the day though, I’m good. I’m a woman and sometimes there is cost to be pretty, but to me, it’s worth it.

How/when did you learn to walk in high heels? Was it challenging for you? What are your favorite brands? Any tips for the ladies beginning to walk in high heels?


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