Finally! It’s Friday!

I’d like to say that I have absolutely nothing planned for the weekend and that I’m just hanging out around my house watching reruns of my favorite tv shows from the 90’s. However, I cannot.

Tomorrow, I am doing my first 5k run. When I say “run,” I actually mean “run.” No run a little and walk a lot, I mean run, the entire time! I kid you not. Less that 6 weeks ago, I ran outside for the first time in life and thought that my lungs were going to collapse. Running a mile? Me? Maybe if some Beyonce tickets were at the finish line!

I’ve been “training” with one of my friends and she pushes me like no other. (I use “training” in quotations because it’s a different kind of training when after a run, you head over to Jason’s Deli for salads, wrapinis, and free ice cream) Having a buddy has helped tremendously, and it’s not nearly as boring as when you’re by yourself! Not to mention, if you pass out, you have someone to flag down the nearest vehicle for assistance.

After the race, I’m hoping to hit up the nearest pool party, since it is going to be hotter than satan’s crotch around 95 (which is actually not that bad for Texas heat).

Later tomorrow night, I’ve been invited to a birthday party for a friend of a friend. It’s a Houlihans so it’s no telling what could potentially happen there! I know there’s a fight tomorrow night, but, I don’t really care enough to know who is fighting. I’m sure I’ll be informed by the main event. (BTW, with boxing, is it a boxing game, a boxing match, etc? Someone please help me out and explain it me. I’d like to be better informed)

What I’m more so interested in, is the Celtics vs Heat game. I’m a Kevin Garnett and Rondo fan so I’m  hoping that they go ahead and close this out…since they certainly were not playing to win last night. ( I’m  also routing for the Celtics because it will certainly grind my gears if Lebron gets a ring!)

Sunday. If I’m lucky. I’ll be at brunch. Preferably with someone of the opposite sex that is super handsome.  Then I’ll really have something to write about come Monday. If it’s a super awesome brunch. Sunday night!

I hope you have a great weekend!

What plans do you have? What do you want to do?


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