Music Monday

It took me all week to get it together to figure out how I was going to verbalize this Music Monday. As stated last week, I was excited about Usher’s new album finally dropping. I downloaded it to my phone and listened to it a few times. After listening to the album at least 3 different times straight through, I’m not impressed. Yes, it is a different sound for Usher, but I am just not feeling what he’s trying to do. I am all for change and growth but this was too much for me! It was a lot of pop. Think Nikki Minaj and her “crossover” music. Some dance/pop the rest R&B. It’s like changing Mary Poppins into Lil Kim!

It was just too much of a mixture for me! This album was just an eye opener for me making me aware that there will never be anything equivalent or better than his confessions album!. I have had to come to grips with that over the course of the week and I understand. Yes, his music is his work  and it is all about growth but I am wishing that Usher would have chosen to not grow so fudging much! I mean geez!

Do I hate the album? Not at all, however, there are not many head bangers on the album as to what I am used to in the past from him. Maybe I just expected too much. If I had to choose, I would say that “Lesson Learned” and “Let Me See It” are my 2  favorite songs on the album.  Please keep in mind, that’s also if you forced me to make a choice.

Since I am a Trey Songz supporter, fan, wanna be lover if you will… listed below is his new song “2 Reasons”.Please let me know what you think!

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to go and listen to Usher’s Confessions album and reminisce on awesome concerts past.



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