Music Monday

The BET Awards were last night. The only thing that really intrigued me about the entire awards show was that Beyonce and Jay Z were going to be in attendance. I’m pretty sure they were going to be in attendance only because they knew that they were going to win some kind of an award for sure. Other than that, I really didn’t care to watch it, only because I felt like the BET awards are one on camera fight away from being the Source Awards and taping their awards shows one month out in the event that a brawl breaks or some champagne bottles are thrown out of no where.

Although my interest in the show was almost non existent, I did happen to catch a portion of the Whitney Houston tribute. I was quite impressed to see that Mariah was involved in introducing the tribute, but disappointed in the vocals after she stopped speaking. I was tweeting my thoughts about the piss poor vocals but it was kindly pointed out (by one of my followers)  that the producers of the show were probably going more towards sentiment as opposed to sound. I kinda wish they were going more towards sound, but, that’s neither here nor there. I searched youtube for a whopping 5 minutes looking for some kind of complete footage of the tribute but had no luck, so, I attached Brandy’s performance instead. I’m deinfitely a Brandy fan, just not of this particular performance. She gets  E for effort for clearly trying her hardest and putting her all into. Still secretly excited about her album dropping though. Check it out below.


So what did you think about performance? Did you like it or have you seen her do better?


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