Music Monday

I had some time on my hands recently and I started thinking of songs that would make my list of the soundtrack to my life. If I had a show about my life (that I swear I definitely need in real life anyway since I think I’m pretty fascinating), I’m pretty sure the songs I have in mind would describe everything perfectly!

Now, since I am HUGE Beyonce fan, I’m pretty sure I could create an entire playlist to the soundtrack of my life with Beyonce songs only, however, this time, I shall not. I’ll save that for another post. Instead of making a list of the songs that I came up with, I thought it would be more interesting if I let my ipod make my choices for each category. I’m sure everything listed will end up being a complete surprise.

Here’s how to create your own playlist for the soundtrack of your life: Open up your Itunes library. Select the shuffle option. (No Cheating! It’s no fun that way!) The first song that the shuffle lands on goes under Opening Credits, the second song goes under Waking Up, and so on. Super fun just to see what songs end up where in your soundtrack! I haven’t updated my library in forever so below you’ll see the madness that my Ipod generated.

Opening Credits: Whitney Houston “Where do broken hearts go” >> I was expecting something more cheerful than this!

Waking Up: Link “Gimmie Some” >> Seriously?

First Day of School: Jazmine Sullivan “I need you bad” >>IDK what this has to do with anything!

Falling in Love: Baby Huey “Pop Lock and Drop it” >> Really? This had to be a soundtrack for when I was in high school!

Fighting: Alicia Keys “No One” >> ok. Maybe this one would work.

Breaking Up: Lil Jon and Eastside Boyz “ One Night Stand” >> WHAT??

Prom: Yo Gotti “5 Star B*tch”>> I doubt this song could be played at my prom!

Life: Jay Z “Onto the Next One”>> OK. This fits well.

Mental Breakdown: Destiny’s Child “Temptation”>>IDK what this is about!

Driving: Raheem Devaughn “Strangers” >>Good Song!

Flashback: TLC “His Story”>> Uh.. yeah… havent heard this in forever!

Making Up: Christina Aguilera “At Last”>> This could work

Wedding: Latif “I don’t wanna Hurt you”>> Um. Can we say no! This song is about breaking up!

Birth of Child: Usher “Okay” >>WTF! This is unacceptable!

Final Battle: Bow Wow “Shorty Like Mine”>> Why is Bow Wow on my ipod?

Death Scene: Busta Rhymes “Touch it”>> This is kinda dark and twisted!

Funeral: Immature “A Boy like Me”>. Completely irrelevant. I was an Immature fan though!

Ending Credits: Soldja Boy “Turn my Swag On” >> OK. Just maybe… Funny.. but definitely not my first choice.

How did I get complete foolishness for the soundtrack to my life? Only 2-3 of the categories got songs that actually made sense together!

When you shuffled all your songs, what came out on the soundtrack to your life? Was it what you expected? If you could pick, what songs would you have chosen? What other categories would you add?


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