Finally Recouped from the 4th

Am I the only one that felt like the 4th of July ruined my entire week?

I worked Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday night my bestie and her boyfriend threw a pre-4th of July party and it went on for what seemed like all night long. I’m not even sure what time I got in but do remember that Katy Perry song playing over and over and over again in my head! I wasn’t uber wasted but I do remember having many tasty beverages.

Wednesday just ran all together. I got up and just kept on drinking. You’d think I had a problem but hey… I was celebrating my independence right? My girlfriends had a pool party so we drank more and lounged around in the water and then made a pilgrimage to another pool party. By that time the day was winding down and amazingly, I neglected to remember that I had a job to attend the next day and ended up going home.

Work on Thursday had to be the longest day ever, especially since I was dehydrated all day long. Did I mention I made myself get up and go to the gym to run 3 miles?

Friday I hit a reverse happy hour with the bestie, Saturday, I went to a wedding and Sunday we (the besties, also known as the trifecta) spent quality time at brunch and got  wasted. I swear they keep those mimosas topped off at the Dish! Who’d have thought hat we’d end up at Condom Sense across the street until we were sober enough to drive home?

So finally. I’m sober. Hydrated. and Looking forward to the weekend. Again!

How was your 4th of July? What did you do? See any good fireworks?


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