Where are the Food Trucks?

I’ve been gone a while, but I’m back and I’m re vamped!

Most recently I checked out a food truck park here in Dallas. It’s right near Old City Park on the outskirts of downtown. It is called Cedars Food Truck Park.

Initially, when I followed the directions in my  GPS, it took me to a street in between Old City Park and an elementary school. This is where I thought I was lost and almost turned around to find the nearest Chilis, and go home, but, I got brave and parked my car. It was uber dark, so I was a wee bit concerned about walking alone. Lucky for me, when I parked my car, I noticed another woman getting out of her car, so I hurried up and followed her where she was going. She was walking with a lot of confidence, so I figured she knew where to  find the entrance. My thought process was, if someone’s going to kidnap me, they’re either going to take the both of us or at least someone will be able to witness it and hear my screams.

Yes, this is the woman that I followed into the park!

As we’re walking in the dark, we go towards the Old City Park property and some flood lights. I was relieved that we were getting closer to the light! As we get closer to the property I see the driveway and finally see the food trucks lined up in the distance. Then I started to get overwhelmed!

The set up was great. it just was just an open space on the lawn with tables and chairs set up. They had a gazebo where they were selling beer and wine. Glad I brought cash though! If not, I would have had to go hunt down the nearest ATM located some place that I’m not aware of, and then come back with the cash for my beverage. Now, I know you’re wondering, do the food trucks take cash or credit cards? You’re in luck! They take both.

While I was looking around, I noticed they had a live band playing. It was very eclectic, but I liked it! It really made for a fun atmosphere.

When I finally got to the food trucks and saw all my options, I was immediately overwhelmed! There was a food truck for so many things and some I hadn’t even heard of! There was a Cuban truck, a Cajun truck, a vegetarian truck, a catfish truck, a barbeque truck, a kona ice truck, and a greenhouse truck!

Due to the confusing directions, my cousin got frustrated and turned around until I called and got her to the location. While I waited I checked out the Good Karma Kitchen food truck. EVERYTHING they make is vegetarian!

 As I was already overwhelmed trying to decide what truck I was going to try first, I was equally as overwhelmed trying to make a decision on what I was going to eat!  Even though everything was vegetarian, I still had so many options to choose from. I finally decided to try the tacos. Excellent choice too! Super duper fresh!



When my cousin finally arrived, she tried out Rick’s Cajun Truck. She really liked the catfish po boy and went to town on it! Sorry! No review from me on this food. I’m on this healthfood kick and I’m not really into meat… at least or the moment.

After making some friends with some random guys that joined us at our table on the lawn, they suggested we try the Cuban truck called, the Guava Tree. We tried the aroz con frijoles (black beans over rice) and the loaded yucca fries. It was yucca fries loaded with black beans, crumbled queso fresco, fried onion strings, and cream sauce. I don’t even know what yuca is but it was great!  (I’m really starting to think that any truck I chose was going to be a good choice!)

Yes, this is after happy face after we downed all that tasty food!

We hung out for a while afterwards as the atmosphere was just awesome but, a cold front that I was not prepared for rolled in, so we had to leave.

I think the best part about the food trucks was how I shared so much of the food I had, so I had the option to try so many different things without getting full! The reasonable prices made it very family friendly too! I’ll definitely be going back! Hoping to find even more new food to try!

Are there any good food trucks in your area? Are there any trucks that you suggest that I try?


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