And the winner is….

Last night I could not sit around on my hands, inside my house, and wait for the results to roll in.I decided to go to the Dallas County Democratic watch party at the Hyatt Regency Hotel downtown. Of course, the start of my night would have not been complete without my cousin making sure that we stop at a liquor store to create a “party in our purse” so that we will not be subjected to the election day prices at the bar.It was a nice size crowd initially, but I had no where to sit! I was ok with that though as there was a cash bar and free food. (That always makes things better!) My cousin was not pleased with the calmness and really lack of rowdyness with the crowd, so she left and went to the club that was holding a watch party, more so with our age group. The bestie showed up though, so that always makes for a good time.The results slowly roll and I’m nervous and nauseaus and just not feeling the snail race that seems to happening on MSNBC and CNN as the electoral votes roll in, inch by inch. Finally I was in tears! Sooo happy it went the way we needed it to!

I had to instagram out the picture we took in 2008 with the exact same shirts that we wore last night. Yes, we do actually believe, us wearing the shirts that we wore 4 years ago made a difference! 




As I am a Beyonce fan, I have to throw in the pictures she posted on her new instagram page (@baddiebey)! Loving it! Super surprised she took a picture of her voting though!







Lastly, gotta love these headlines today though! I’m hoping to snag one on my lunch break!


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