The Birthday Weekend

I could not have asked for anything more this past weekend. Friday night, I hung out with my cousin and felt quite lovely at Cyclone Anayas after I polished off two of these:

I had one, but for some reason, I inhaled mine a little bit faster than my cousin, so then she gave me hers (you can kind of see it in the background) and that ended my night at about 10pm. I was pretty content with that though. Ill be sure to be going back there, for what I hear is a quite an awesomne happy hour. Check out the lovely yet ever so relaxed “drinking face.”

The next morning, one of my family members was being honored at a breakfast that started 45 minutes late. The food was mediocre, but tasted great at the time, since I was starving! Of course, one of the speakers ran over as she was only supposed to speak 5 minutes so, my cousin and I engaged ourselves with taking pictures, after we spiked our orange juice with the vodka that we stashed in our purses from parties prior in the week.

Finally! It ended shortly before noon (yes, after it was supposed to begin at 9am!). I had errands to run and then had another meeting to attend. I left the meeting and high tailled it right to the costume shop as I had to get two of my girls in my youth group fitted for their tuxedo tails. While I waited on them and their mothers to arrive, I played in all the wonderful clothes. Yes, it was a dream come true for me! Hats, clothes, and head bands galore!

Oh yes, and my girls tried on their tails and looked very Harlem Renaissance!

You’d think my day would be complete after this right? Not at all! Apparently, my best friend had been organizing a surprise birthday dinner for me at Mi Cocina in West Village. Somehow, she was able to to get this all accomplished without anyone letting me know!  I was told, she and her fiance’ were going to be taking me to dinner, but when I got there, all my friends were there! I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

I hear that I gave a speech after dinner complete with song and dance, however, I’m not too sure I should post that as to not let the entire world see my random antics!

More pictures below:


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