What happened to her?

I have mentioned before about my ridiculous addition to reality television shows. Petty, yes. Unrealistic, yes. Uber entertaining, damn straight!

Currently, I am all over the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Most recently, former Miss USA 1993, Kenya Moore has joined the show. As soon as I found out that she had joined the cast, I was immediately disappointed. For some strange reason, I held her to such a high regard, being that she was a former Miss USA winner. I thought the title alone opened up doors for her. I was under the misunderstanding that she had it made in the shade.  She was beautiful, articulate,  and talented. I knew she was on the road to success with all the glory of Miss USA to fill her resume. Clearly I was wrong!

I was thinking about her rap sheet, and it’s actually not really that long. She’s never really been casted full time on anyone’s television show but she has been a noticeable walk on with meager lines on a few shows that most people would be familiar with. In the past, she was casted in extremely small roles in less that ten movies, but if someone pointed her out, I’m sure everyone would say “oh!  Yeah! Her! Right!”

Now, I remember how she did get her feet wet with the modeling world though! Didn’t she make the cover of King magazine and a bunch of other low budget men’s magazine that no one  has really seen on hard copy, unless they were digging out the back row of the Barnes and Noble periodicals section?

After thinking about that, I’m sitting here trying  to rationalize for her. Many former A- list celebrities are not in the limelight. They do much work behind the scenes. She did start a foundation in her name, which  is always admirable, but, I have no clue as to what her charity is in reference to.

Being a former Miss USA though, why does she necessarily have to be in the limelight? There are many former winners that remained out of the limelight that went on to lead normal lives of everyday people rasiing normal families. I’m trying to figure out what happened to her! Have you seen the most recent episodes of the Real Housewives of Atlanta? She was acting a hot ass mess! I’m not going to speak on adults coducting themselves in piss poor manners, since clearly, she was casted because she agreed to act a damn fool, but, must she be the one that takes Ne Ne’s place in the loud and ignorant category?

After thinking about this, I’m starting to understand why she needed to get on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. She got bored and was irrelevant and probably started to feel like this was her last shot. Too bad she’s in the over 40 club begging for attention and behaving as if she’s still in her 20’s and was invited to come into a building for the first time in life. Where they do that at?

What do you think about the show? have you seen it? Is Kenya Moore (along with everyone else on the show) irrelevant and just yearning for attention?


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