Over the weekend

I had been looking forward to this past weekend for a while! 2-3 months ago, my friends and I had wanted to go see Kevin Hart perform. The issue was, how on earth could we get a bunch of seats next to each other. Finally, I suggested finding out how much it would be to purchase a suite. What’s the worst that could happen? It ends up being super expensive and we decide against, right? Well, my friends do some research and find a deal! Tickets individually were around $115. One suite holding 18 people each was $2000. Once we divided up the total cost of the suite, it came out to $112 including a parking pass, food, and alcohol.Cant beat that with a stick! We were all happy! So happy, we got 2 suites and everyone paid their money up front!

As normal, when a bunch of my friends get together to go to an event, we get uber dressed up since we all feel like we need to look better than everyone else. Some of us, maybe a little too much. Since I’m on this workout grind working towards my goal weight, it didn’t  make any sense for me to go out and put together an outfit I’m just going to get too small for (so God help me!), so I just decided to rent my outfit.

What is this rental outfit I speak of you ask? Rent the Runway. Expensive dresses to rent all on a budget. You pick the day you want to rent the dress and then set the date to arrive for one day sooner. The pricing includes your insurance and your shipping. The dress came in a really big box. Inside they had the dress hanging up in a very nice garment bag still covered up in plastic with detailed instructions attached on what do return and when. Also in the box came the return envelope to send your dress back the following day of your event. Normally, I don’t do this because I can just purchase a jazzy little outfit and be done, but, this time, I didn’t feel like trolling the mall and searching online was a lot easier.

Finally the weekend rolls around and my cousin and I head to the show. The suite was awesome, complete with drinks and get snack type foods. There ended up being three suites, my friends and I were all over the place. It was no surprise that the show ended up starting 45 minutes late. My friends being equally as late, it worked out quite well for them… and my cousin and I got first dibs on all the alcohol since we were there on time. Talk about score!

Like the the Rent the Runway dress?

The show was fantastic! I could talk about all the hilarious jokes, but I will not spoil it for you since I’m sure there is going to be a DVD that drops at some point. I laughed so hard that night that my side was hurting!

The after party was at Kenichis, which was about a block away at The W hotel.  My cousin and I went there for a little bit and then went on over to Privae for another party, since we had a another friend that was celebrating a birthday. Yes, those are our lovely drinking faces!

It was a great weekend! Now I feel like I need to plan another event to go to! I want to rent another dress!


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