What’s your strategy?

Black Friday is almost here and I’m sitting here thinking, what is my strategy?! I’m freaking out!

Where will I go? More importantly, what do I want? (since I’m clearly not shopping for what I really need!)

I was telling my friends how I was feeling guilty about Black Friday because if I actually did buy anything, I would be doing it for selfish reasons. What selfish reasons you ask? Well,  everything that I would be purchasing on Black Friday would be for me and only me! Christmas is the season of giving and I’m only buying for myself? Isn’t that un Christ-like?  I’m supposed to be putting others before myself but I’m  more concerned with how I can get some boots marked down 60% off!

Because I have totally awesome friends, they soothed my nerves and told me I should embrace Black Friday with open arms since I’m single with no kids. This will be the only time in life to where it’s ok to be selfish since  I really only have one person to think about it. Me! If I wasn’t single with no kids, I’d be buying for everyone but myself!

After this ongoing deliberation in my head, I have chosen to take advantage of Black Friday and go for the gold! I’m thinking I’m going to attempt for Target, JC Penney, and North Park Mall! I hear that many stores at Northpark are opening at 7am, which means I need to be up no later than 5am. I’m hoping JC Penney and Target are opening late Thursday evening so I can take advantage of those places! What do I need from Target? I have no idea, but certainly I can find something! I do know that JC Penney will have the boots I’ve been wanting 50% off though!

My faithful shopping buddies that are normally down for the cause for things like this are being extremely selfish this Thanksgiving by going to be with their families. THE NERVE! I mean honestly ladies! There are boots and sweaters at risk here! I have to man this alone? If I had time, I’d hire a personal assistant for a few hours to hold my purse and all the bags that I’m going to end up accruing over the course of time that I’m going through the mall! Actually, I would need 2 personal assistants. One to hold my purse and my bags and the other to stand in line to get into other stores that have lines in them…. while holding my other bags of course!


I figure my attire will be Ugg boots with tights with over sized tee or cute hoodie. Extremely casual, yes, but I need to be prepared to try on clothes in the middle store because on days like this it is impossible to get into a dressing room to try on clothes. But who really has the time or wants to go try on clothes on a day like Black Friday?

Are any of you attempting the black Friday steals? Where are you going and what are you looking for? Is there anything else I need to be taking advantage of?


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