Christmas Countdown

220px-Destiny's_Child_-_8_Days_of_ChristmasOk. Don’t judge me, but I have been listening to my Destiny’s Child Christmas songs from many Christmases (is that even a word?) ago in heavy rotation. I’m sorry. I can’t help it, but I love all things Beyonce!

I’m in the Christmas spirit as I have already given a lot to people I don’t know (you know, the whole Angel tree thing and a couple needy orphans in the orphanage), however, shopping for my family has been super hard! I started letting somethings “gel” in my head early on, and started to shop online, but I ended up shopping for myself in the end! (I got some totally AWESOME flats!) Next thing you know, my entire budget for my family is shot straight to hell since I spent it on myself. Curse this need for retail therapy! (Going through a break up that’s not a break up but is along with attempting to be the best maid of honor on the planet is overwhelming! I needed to console myself in a way that was not with food! I’m already an emotional eater! )

Finally this weekend, I got smart. I made a guy go shopping with me for Christmas. Naturally, the adult ADHD kicked and I veered over to the women’s shoes section in Nordstroms Rack. I happened to find some absolutely gorgeous red suede Steve Madden stilettos and I fell in love! Then I blinked and I found some orange suede ones too! I was in heaven AND they were only $50! No one was ready for me in those heels, but then, my friend, kindly reminded me why I was there. I found most of my family members nice things, however, I am still trolling for 2 gifts. One for my aunt and uncle (since it’s easier to shop for a couple) and one for my cousin that lives in California. He works in the music industry, so what exactly do you get a dude that has everything? A prayer card to continue to do well in life? Any suggestions for either of those missing gifts for my family members?

As for those shoes… I’m still contemplating on going back for them. Like.. tonight.. maybe…

2 Responses to “Christmas Countdown”
  1. Love it lady. A little retail therapy is necessary sometimes. And, I LOVE destinys child (& Beyonce) no judgements here! xoxo

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