10 Things Your Girlfriends tell you when you’re going through a (non)break up

brokenGoing through what I’ll reference as a (non) break up,   since I’m not too sure what else to reference it as, I decided to tell a couple of my girlfriends.

I absolutely love them for always attempting to make me feel better no matter how petty, small, ridonkulous(yes, I just used a Hannah Montana word!), or immature. (Please dont get me started on when  I was mourning the loss of my favorite butterfly belt!)

10 different things they said to me:

1) “Oh honey, you’re going to appreciate the next good man so much more!”

2) “You were too cute for him anyway!”

3) “I don’t understand the problem! You were the prize! He’ll realize that sooner or later and then kick himself!”

4 ) “Girl, that kind of man seems like the type not to keep his new girlfriend long! You should contact his new girlfriend and send her a thank you card and cookie bouquet!”

5) “Boys are stupid! Throw rocks at them!”

6) “You want me to come over so we can watch  Beyonce concert marathons?”

7) “OMG! You wanna get drunk? I already have liquor in my trunk!”

8) “Wait! Don’t emotionally eat! He is not worth the excess calories and getting fat!”

9) “Girl! I have got to get you back in them streets!”

10) “He’ll be calling! I know’s he’s still checking for you!”

God bless every single one of my girlfriends for making this a little bit easier!

What do your friends say to you after a break up? What makes you feel better?

One Response to “10 Things Your Girlfriends tell you when you’re going through a (non)break up”
  1. Women are adorable, they tell each other little lies to make them feel better. Guys say, so, you want a beer?

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