White Christmas

Christmas was absolutely amazing! I didn’t really want anything and when I was actually asked what I wanted for Christmas, I made something up quick and got it! Who’d have thought?

For longest my aunt had been wanting this family bonding experience on Christmas Eve. Corny? Yes indeed, but how often is your entire family in town? Our family bonding experience was at Grand Prairie lights. It’s a huge park that’s decorated with Christmas lights. They let cars drive through and see all the twinkling lights. A small family gathering later involved a charter bus and lots of liquor for the ride! ( I mean….we did have a designated driver!)

christmas01christmas 02chirstmas04

Christmas day all of the family came back over. Dinner was scheduled for 3pm. Too bad we didn’t eat until 4pm since it snowed and delayed everything! Of course there was an impromptu photo shoot in the snow! We ran outside for 30 seconds, took a round of shots, and then ran back inside to warm up and do it again. I’m pretty sure this went on for about and hour and a half! Hence, the late dinner.

family03 family 01 family02

After the snowing photo shoot we finally got to eat! I could have taken pictures of the other food, but I felt the dishes that I prepared were the most important! I cooked crawfish dressing and Patti Labelle’s macaroni and cheese! Let’s just say, it didn’t last long at all!


There were desserts everywhere! To the point to where we were running out of space to put everything. It was crazy. I guess it’s better to have more than less in these types of situations huh?

How was your holiday? Did you do anything fun?


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