Big Easy New Year


Since my cousin was turning 30 today and originally thought she was going to go through a mid life crisis, she elected to begin partying in New Orleans for New Years. We left on Sunday December 30 in the afternoon.


On the plane, a special person in flight decided to send us cocktails right to our seats! Talk about a happy birthday! I had to shove all the “goodness” into my purse and take the wonderful “goodness” on our cab ride to the hotel!

image (4)

We finally made it to the hotel and we found out that the Sugar Bowl (some big ass football game that’s uber important to certain college football fans)was on January 2nd. We were staying at the Marriott and figured out apon our arrival that the Marriott was the host hotel, so there were Louisville and Gators fans everywhere. Get up to our room and the view was pretty nice!

image (5)

Stopped in a random hotel and got a picture with Christmas tree. Next thing you know all the tin man feaux statues were out in the street hoping some tourist would beg for money.

image (6)

Walked further down the street and got to test a wine smoothie and finally got a hand grenade! We were easily done after one of those things! I swear they have to put crack in those things! We had to go back to the hotel and sleep it off! We slept from 7:30pm to midnight! We felt soooo whack!

image (7)

Oh. I cant forget how there was a random drunk girl on the street. My cousin encouraged me to take a picture with her in the background! I’m pretty sure this makes me a good candidate for the list of people that are going straight to hell, however, I won’t be alone. My cousin encouraged me to do it and she’s the one that took the picture! The things you see in route back to your hotel!


Then I got spooned by a random old man. I did not volunteer for this! He came and damn near snatched me off the street!

image (1)

Then there was this weird dude playing a guitar while his girlfriend laid on the ground ON BOURBON STREET and held his ass up? Where they do that at? I wonder how you figure out that this is your hidden talent?

image (2)

For some reason my cousin was in dire need of a thermos in the shape of a penis. We searched high and low for it on Bourbon street, however we had no luck and only ended up finding a Mardi Gras necklace with penis’s all over it. Good compromise, right?

image (3)

Day one in New Orleans was a success in my book! What else could we have done? Part two up next!


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