All Hail to Queen Bey

I’m just going to take a minute and be a little honest. The Super Bowl was a great game to the finish. #RavensNation for sure. I was going for the Ravens the entire time. NOT because they were the better team, but, because I was liking their costume colors (or “uniforms” if that’s what you want to call them), way more than the 49-ers.

queenbeyLet’s just go straight to the elephant in the room. The Beyonce show was the business. I expected nothing less from her. I was happy to see the mini Destiny’s Child reunion (and I do mean mini since they did not have the opportunity to sing more than 2 songs together, but hey, you only get 12 minutes to perform at halftime), but, I was still wanting more at the end. Please don’t get me wrong. All Hail to Queen Bey, but I felt like I was left hanging at the end.

Why did I feel like I was left hanging? Because I was left hanging, because my girl was leaving us wanting more as she was releasing her tour dates for 2013! What a better way to leave your fans wanting to see you take the stage after a long hiatus! Genius. Needless to say, I will be in attendance on Saturday, July 6 in Dallas. Presale tickets go on sale Wednesday, February 6.


Sweet little baby Jesus in the manger, please be a discount coupon on!


What did you think about the show? Pleased? Disappointed? Hater or lover? Thoughts?

Beyonce tour teaser



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