About Me

meeeeMy  name is Noella and I live in Dallas, Texas.  I love travelling, scary movies, shiny things, magazines full of useless information, cooking, natural hair, fitness,  fireflies, corny movies, thunderstorms, musicals, and trashy reality shows that provide me with brainless entertainment. Oh, most importantly, I love everything about the Beyonce Knowles-Carter dynasty. I have a totally awesome  kinda  sane but more insane family that I may reference from time to as the modern day Huxtables. Did I mention I’m a fun a girl too? At least, that’s what I tell myself.

I’m single with no kids and never been married with absolutely no attachments. I have free reign at all things in this life.  I’m pretty sure if I had my own reality show, there would never be a need for a script! Weird things happen to all the time in my day to day life so I figured, why not document it?

Yellow Pinkies is my creative outlet for me to discuss all of the random happenings in my life and whatever else tickles my fancy. I hope you enjoy it!

Feel  free to comment and/or send me questions! I love to hear from people!


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