What’s your strategy?

Black Friday is almost here and I’m sitting here thinking, what is my strategy?! I’m freaking out! Where will I go? More importantly, what do I want? (since I’m clearly not shopping for what I really need!) I was telling my friends how I was feeling guilty about Black Friday because if I actually did buy anything, … Continue reading

Over the weekend

I had been looking forward to this past weekend for a while! 2-3 months ago, my friends and I had wanted to go see Kevin Hart perform. The issue was, how on earth could we get a bunch of seats next to each other. Finally, I suggested finding out how much it would be to … Continue reading

High Hopes High Heels

I think I’ve been 5 feet 5 inches since the 9th grade. I have a delicate size foot 10 shoe and I tell my friends I was meant to be tall but probably stunted my own growth by beginning to drink coffee at 10 years old. Who’d have thought that old wives tale would have … Continue reading

Birthday Outfit